Security Stand MP-100

Products on open display

„The Security Stand MP-100 is a real innovation for the open display security sector. It is easy to use and offers great value for money.“

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We are a small team with a wide network of marketing experts, manufacturing experts, engineers and inventors. Let us introduce you to our team: Currently the team at MICPROTECT consists of Kelly Chia and Michael Rapp. Kelly has twelve years of experience in increasingly responsible roles at several well-known companies in the retail security business. She has worked in a variety of roles from product marketing to business development. She now focuses on managing channel partners and driving growth in Asia.
Michael has a strong background in security electronics and has worked in several leading positions in the retail security market. With over a decade of experience in product development and design as well as innovation consultant, Michael anticipates future industry developments and challenges and transforms them into profitable and productive business opportunities. MICPROTECT focuses on identifying and developing cost-effective merchandise promotion and antitheft security products on an international level.

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Manufacturer support
MICPROTECT can serve all your sales and distribution needs. If you are a manufacturer and have a new product idea, we can help you to build up a sales force as well as the necessary market knowledge.  Together we will evaluate the market potential and help distributing your product worldwide.

Innovator support
MICPROTECT can assist in the evaluation of product ideas as well as building a business case for them. We can also help to source for all your manufacturing requirements and support your distribution and sales needs.


Distributor support
MICPROTECT assist partner distributors with global market information and provides them with new product ideas. With our background in product innovation we also drive new product requests coming from our distributor network.

Retailer support
MICPROTECT supports retailers in finding the right solution for their problem. As our customer we make sure you have access to latest and most innovative products either directly through us or one of our partner distributors.

Brand manufacturer support
MICPROTECT works closely with brand manufacturers to develop customized solutions for product promotion and presentation. We are able to develop unique products with a custom look and feel to match your brand identity.

Our product portfolio is constantly evolving. We are developing and expanding it every day with more and more products that uses state-of-the-art technology without being over-engineered.  We focus on providing solutions that meet your needs and improve your bottom-line.  

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Security Stand MP-100

Products on open display

Nowadays mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices are high demand products. In stores most customers want to be able to test and try such devices, before they complete a purchase.
With MICPROTECT Security Stands you can easily show products on open display - without having to lock them up in glass showcases. The MP-100 Solution allows you to secure and simultaneously charge your mobile products while benefiting your customer’s experience in store. Customers can fully test the product: the built-in merchandise power supply protection will enable to keep the product ready to use thus increasing instore sales.

At MICPROTECT we guarantee you great value for money and quick return on investment - we work for your success!



The MP-100 comes with a very light-weight sensor which will not influence the merchandise experience

Two sensor versions available: single and double sensor
Two bright LED alarm light signals
Two extension channels to allow various security extensions, such as Tablet PC & e-Reader support wings
Two channels to further secure the merchandise product via cable tie or via the MICPROTECT mechanical security solution
Controlled with a electronic security key: The MP-Key
Quick to set up: The MP-100 operates with three standard AA batteries
Alarm controlled fixture mounting:When tampered with the alarms, the PM-100 will produce an audio alarm and a flashing light signal.
Channel to place and protect any original merchandise power supply. Enables you to secure and display every product on the market instantly – no stand upgrades or extras needed!
Benefits of the MP-100
By placing the original merchandise power supply onto the MP-100, you are able to promote brand new products on the day of release. Place the original charging cable and you have customized the stand to secure and charge any mobile device. It’s that easy and without additional cost!
Double security - Don’t worry about removable parts. With an extra sensor you will secure all the parts of the product, even those that are removable (battery covers etc.). You can also chose to use a mechanical security option.
MICPROTECT Security Stand alarms are highly effective. They provide the best of mechanical and alarming security to the most popular high-theft electronics. When tampered with the alarms, the MP-100 will produce an annoying sound plus a flashing light signal.
The durable MP-100 stands are extremely user friendly. Easily switch displayed products by inserting the original charging cable. No network or other cables required. When necessary, all cables and entire electronics can be easily removed without removing the stand base from your store furniture.

General Description

The durable German designed MP-100 is available in black and white and comes with a wide variety of add-on products, such as the mechanical grip or the tablet support wings. This way you can easily customize the system to your specific needs. Stand measurements: total height 110 mm, width 80 mm.

Unique Attributes

1. Original power supply of the merchandised product fits easily into the MP-100 security stand. This way you are able to display latest products at no extra cost.
2. The MP-100 can be easily set up by placing it onto a cleansed surface and inserting standard AA batteries.
3. Our MP-key with its own unique code is user-friendly and easy to be programmed.
4. Additional security can be provided by using an extra sensor or mechanical option.

Key Benefits

1. Increase interaction with your customers : Retailers can effortlessly release the merchandise from the stand using the MP-key while providing information to the customer at the same time
2. Enhance customer experience : There is no extra cable and the sensor is extremely light. This allows for a better in-store experience.
3. User friendly : Retailers are able to rearrange secured merchandise at ease, i.e. to react to a promotion or sale in-store.
4. Easy maintenance : Merchandise can simply be replaced by changing the glue pad on the sensor.

Security Enhancement Accessories

Customize your MP-100 systems with these innovative add-ons. See our part-list for a complete overview.
> Download part-list
MP-Grip10 Mechanical Grip
MP-103 Tablet Support Wings


If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to advise you and promptly respond!
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